The Junior Staff Affairs Division of the Registry is a very sensitive part of the University, saddled with the responsibility of keeping records as well as dealing with matters relating to all Junior Staff in the University.  The Division deals directly with the Registrar on the day-to-day activities as well as servicing of some important Boards and Committees of the University thus:
(a) Secretary, Junior Staff Disciplinary Committee (JSDC)
(b) Secretary, Optometry Management Committee
(c) Secretary, Appointments & Promotions Board (Junior) Appeals Committee
(d) Secretary, Appointments & Promotions Board (Non-Academic)
(e) Secretary, Strategic Planning Committee
Other activities include:
(i)Issuing of Appointment Letters of Staff
(ii)Promotion of Staff;
(iii)Confirmation of Appointments;
(iv)Handling of Disciplinary matters relating to Junior Staff;
(v)Treating requests  for Upgrading, Updating of Staff Records, Conversions, Redesignation, Change of Name, Proper placement, Appeals, etc.
(vi)Handling of Appeals for Promotions, career injustice etc.
(vii)Regularization of Appointments,
(viii)Implementation of Council Decisions, policies from the Federal Ministry of Education relating to the University;
(ix)Handling any other matters relating to Junior Staff that may be referred to the Division from time to time;
Appraising matters bothering on Staff request referred to it from time to time by the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar